Templeton Airfield

Situated in South Pembrokeshire, Templeton is an active Ministry of Defence site, primarily used for training of military personnel. The SAS and other special forces have been known to train at Templeton and even the odd Hercules drops in from time to time. Since the establishment of Cawdor Barracks at the old RAF base Brawdy, more use is made of the facilities at Templeton by the MOD, but this has not caused too many problems for HMC.

As an active military site, extreme caution must be exercised and permission sought from the Commanding Officer on site when military personnel are on site. Flying is permitted at Templeton all year round, subject to MOD use. Members are able to fly here on their own, although this is not recommended for safety reasons (always fly with a friend). All visitors are welcome to fly with us at this site, but will require proof of BMFA insurance.

The main entrance to Templeton airfield has had to be locked due to the introduction of livestock to the site. The club has an area of grass, approximately the size of a football pitch which is maintained by the members to provide a good flying surface and a hut to protect us from inclement weather. As a precaution the club has erected an electric fence in order to keep livestock off the mown area. The fence is always on so watch what you touch. The gate is fitted with a high security lock and club members are issued with a key upon joining. Should any non members i.e potential new members or visiting flyers wishing to visit the site then they should go to the contact us page on this site and telephone one of the members on the list for details of how to gain access.


Templeton Airfield Directions

When you arrive at the airfield gate take the right hand fork and follow the perimeter road to the first intersection. The grass patch we fly from will be in front of you to your left. The entrance to grass area is at the top corner.