Haverfordwest Model Club



1. TITLE - The name of the club shall be the Haverfordwest Model Club referred to as the HMC.
a) To provide members with information, advice and assistance in connection with model aircraft and all its branches.
b) To arrange tours, discussions, social events and generally looking after the interests of its members in competition or private activities.
c) To promote competitions in accordance with the rules of the BMFA.
d) To incorporate any statutes or acts of parliament, (children’s act etc) as advised by the BMFA and to notify members and prospective members and parents where applicable of their content and recommendation.
a) The authority and responsibility for the transaction of the business of the HMC for its management shall be vested in a committee, who, in addition to the powers and authorities by these rules expressly conferred on them, may exercise all powers and do all acts in furtherance of the objects for which the HMC is established, other than those hereby expressly directed or required to be exercised or done by the HMC in General Meeting.
b) The officers of the club shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Child Protection Officer, Public Relations Officer and up to three Safety Officers.
c) These Officers shall make up the Committee. In order to maintain continued and satisfactory operation of the club, officers in the three key positions of chairman, secretary and Treasurer should be willing to stand down after each one year term in that office. However, in the event of no other candidates being put forward to take up that position, and if the current holder of the position is willing to do so, he/she currently in that position may be re-elected by the club members at the AGM to continue if unopposed year on year.
Any member currently holding any of the three key positions may be immediately re-elected by the members to one of the other positions at the AGM if willing to do so.
d) The Child Protection Officer, Public Relations Officer and Safety Officers may hold more than one post on the Committee.
e) If there is more than one nomination for any office, or if the nominations for the committee are more than the vacancies, the election shall be by a show of hands.
f) Any member of the committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings shall forfeit a seat on the committee. The committee shall have the power to fill the interim vacancy and to co-opt any member whom they consider suitable and any other persons for special purposes in competitions or other events.
g) Resignation of committee members: - one month notice is required. Also any member ceasing, voluntarily or otherwise to be a member of the HMC shall thereafter cease to have any claim upon the property of the HMC or to enjoy any privileges of membership, but he/she shall remain liable for the payment of any debts due to the HMC from him/her.
h) The committee shall have the power to decide all questions not provided for in the rules, subject to an appeal to a General Meeting.
i) The Secretary will give at least seven days notice in writing of all Committee meetings.
a) The membership of the club shall be active or honorary, and all persons interested in the sport or pastime of modelling in any of its branches shall be eligible for membership subject to election by the committee. Membership shall be open to all,without discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, creed, disability, gender or age. All applications shall be scrutinised by the committee and the applicants notified of the committee’s decision as soon as possible after scrutiny.
b) Each candidate for active membership shall fill in an Application form. This must be forwarded to the Treasurer or Secretary, accompanied by the Annual Subscription. Acceptance of an application for membership shall be subject to confirmation by the committee which may decline to admit a candidate without stating a reason.
c) It shall be a pre requisite of membership of the club that all flying members must be members of the BMFA which is the governing body of the sport of model flying. Honorary members may be elected at the discretion of the committee.
d) The Committee is empowered to institute special classes of membership. The subscription in respect of such special classed shall be at the discretion of the committee and may be less than the rate for ordinary active membership.
These to be determined annually at the AGM. The club year shall run from the 1st December to the 30th November. The club subscription shall become renewable at the AGM.
a) Any member of the HMC who has not paid his/her subscription within one (1) clear month of the AGM shall be reminded that his membership is due. If the subscription is still not forthcoming two clear months after the AGM then membership of the HMC is terminated.
b) Any member whose subscription includes insurance with the BMFA and whose subscription is in arrears will not be allowed to fly at any HMC flying sites.
a) A bank account shall be kept in the name of HAVERFORDWEST MODEL CLUB and administered by the Treasurer who will sign cheques with either the club Secretary or the Chairman.
b) The committee shall have the power to use club funds at its discretion and purchase for the clubs benefit any item subject to a limit of £300. Any item exceeding this limit must be approved under the voting rules of a General meeting.
These will be held on the second Monday of each month. Committee Meetings will be held as considered necessary by the Executive Committee at the Club Headquarters or other venue decided by the Committee.
Every active and honorary member may exercise one vote. A majority vote will be binding on general business within the rules. Any proposal which will cause a deviation from the present Rules and Objectives of the HMC shall have to attain a three-quarters majority of the members present before being passed. The Chairman shall have the casting vote.
The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the 2nd Monday of December in each year, and the Secretary shall give at least ten days notice. Notice of any proposed alterations to the rules shall be sent to the Secretary in writing at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. Nominations for the election of officers or for members of the committee shall be made at the AGM. The accounts for the period ending 30th November shall be presented at the AGM.
The accounts will be available for inspection if required at the AGM and approved by two ordinary members.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Committee or by six or more members in writing to the Secretary stating the purpose of the meeting. The Secretary will give at least seven days notice to members before the date of the meeting.
Every member binds himself to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the HMC and also by any modifications thereof made in conformity with such rules, and also to accept as final and binding the decision of the committee in all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation of these rules.
Any members infringing any club rule, or any of the general competition rules of the club, or who shall be judged by the majority of the committee present to have been guilty of any misconduct, may be expelled from the club, the Secretary having previously given members notice of the proceedings about to be taken. Such members shall have the right to appeal to an Extraordinary General Meeting the decision of which will be final.
Every member shall be furnished with a copy of the HMC Rules and Regulations on election.
The name and address of the HMC shall not be given by a member as his address for any trade advertising or business purposes or in connection with any legal proceedings.
No child under the age of 17 will be allowed on site without the presence of a parent or legal guardian, in order to comply with B.M.F.A guidelines refer to clause (1e) of the club rules.
The HMC may be dissolved by an Extraordinary General Meeting convened by direction of the committee, or on the request of the majority of the members. If the resolution of dissolution is duly passed by a three-quarter majority, the committee shall forthwith liquidate the affairs of the HMC and if there be any surplus assets on realisation, these shall be distributed to charities at the discretion of the committee.

(Revised 12th May 1998) Reg Strudley, Chairman
(Revised 1st December 2004)
(Revised 28th November 2007)
(Revised and amended section 3.C)13th December 2010)